This tyke’s onto something

My wife and I were out and about the other morning and decided to swing by Avenue Diner in Wyoming for a late breakfast or early lunch. It was about 11 a.m.
We also wanted to check out the tent they erected in the parking lot to provide an outdoor dining option during the pandemic. We found it smartly done and quite comfortable.
The tables of course were socially distanced and because of the time of day, there were few customers. That provided me a clear view of this adorable child enjoying a plate of pancakes with her mom and what appeared to be grandparents and a big sister or perhaps young aunt. As you can imagine, she was the center of attention. She has a good deal of mine as well. I’m guessing she was about two years old.
Since she finished before the rest of her family, mom freed her from her high chair and stood her on the floor. But the little one, in her yellow dress that complemented her blonde curls, did not stand there for long. She began prancing around the table. She pranced and pranced completing God know how many loops.
As I watched her I got to thinking there’s a lesson here for us adults. What better way to digest a meal than to run around the table where you consumed it 20 or 30 times?
Then I got to thinking, this should become a standard practice between finishing an entre and having dessert.
I’m not sure if I have the guts to do it next time I dine out. But I’m sure if I did, all the other adults in the restaurant would follow suit.
Wouldn’t they?

Ed Ackerman