The Rock in London

I see they’ve reopened the pubs in London.
Let’s hope that goes better for the Brits than reopening the bars in some U.S. cities went for us.
There are some 30,000 pubs in England, which I’ve heard is about twice the number of Starbuck’s in America. So, yes, the British like their beer.
I like their beer, too. And I’ve had the good fortune to sample it in many of those London pubs. I even learned to enjoy it at “cellar temperature,” which means not ice cold, the way we like it.
Twenty years ago I had an experience in one of those pubs that I’ve told often since. You’ll soon see why. My wife and I stopped in a place on Sloane Square for dinner, which when I am in London usually consists of a few beers and the establishment’s nightly “bangers and mash” offering. That’s a few sausage links, with mustard for dipping on the side, and a healthy scoop of mashed potatoes. Not fine dining by any means, but I love it.
On this particular night, we had to wait a bit for a table so I went to the bar to get us a couple of beers to make the wait more pleasurable. We rarely saw the Belgian beer Stella Artois in the ‘States in those days, so I got kind of excited when I learned this place had it on draft. I ordered two and as the young lady filled the first glass, I glanced over her shoulder and was shocked to see the entire back bar lined with bottles of – are you ready? – Rolling Rock.
I got a real kick out of that. But I stayed with the Stella.

Ed Ackerman