Glove story

A buddy invited me over for a cookout last week. Later he left a voice message asking me to bring my “mitt” so we could play catch.
This was good news. I love playing catch. But my “mitt”?
I’m sorry, but to me the only guys on the field who use a mitt are the catcher and the first baseman. Everyone else wears a baseball glove.
He strongly disagreed.
I think it’s the New Jersey in him.
I just poked around online trying to find out if calling all baseball gloves “mitts” is a regional colloquialism. Some say yes, some no.
Most agree, however, that only the catcher’s mitt and first baseman’s mitt should be called a mitt because they don’t have separate fingers, thus resembling a mitten, or “mitt” for short.
All of this brought to mind a quip a few years back when the Phillies couldn’t seem to catch anything, leading the league in errors. Michael Jackson was at the height of his popularity and the joke went, “What do the Phillies and Michael Jackson have in common? Both wear a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.”

Ed Ackerman