Good idea, if it were snowing

I just found out tomorrow, July 25, is National Wine and Cheese Day.
That’s a holiday I can get behind, but not in the middle of summer. And especially not in the middle of this summer. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90s. I can’t see myself hankering for a glass of wine at poolside.
My beef – not the kind you eat, which happens to go well with red wine, by the way – with the date begins and ends with the fact that I am a red wine fan, dry red wine, which on a hot summer day is anything but refreshing. A hearty red wine, a plate of cheese, and a good book can get me through any winter’s night. But in summer? No thanks.
One might say, then switch to white. And they have a point. White wines are made to be served chilled, especially the French wine Sancerre, which is light and crisp and perfect for a summer afternoon whiled away at an outdoor café. Or sangria. Yes, sangria. Few things say refreshing like a chilled glass of sangria.
But I associate neither of those with cheese. A plate of fresh fruit? Yes. But cheese seems too heavy.
And what about beer?
Did Nat King Cole sing of the days of soda and pretzels and wine?
I rest my case.
Funny thing is, in spite of what I just said, I can see myself eating cheese with a cold beer in the middle of summer. As long as it’s melted on a grilled burger.

Ed Ackerman