Sign of the times

In my day, it was a pair of fuzzy dice.
Before he was reassigned, it may have been a St. Christopher medal, the patron saint of travelers.
A coach may have had a lanyard with a whistle on it.
Someone just back from a vacation in Hawaii may have displayed a colorful lei.
One may have spotted a necklace, or a rabbit’s foot on a chain, or even a pair of baby shoes.
An air freshener, usually in the shape of a pine tree, was always a classic.
And around this time of year, you’d always notice a graduation tassel.
But that was then, as the saying goes, and this is now.
Therefore, the trending thing hanging from the rearview mirrors of cars is, what else? A Covid-19 face mask.
Got to keep em handy. But is it the subtle sign of a Joe Biden supporter?

Ed Ackerman