Some Pig

If you get the reference in this headline, then you know about Charlotte.
And if you know about Charlotte, you might be able to guess what I’m am writing about today.
Charlotte, for those who have not met her, is a spider. She is the heroine of the E.B. White children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web.” The book came out in 1952. The movie version in 1973. I recommend both.
With messages such as “Some Pig” woven into her web right over the pen of the pig Wilbur, she manages to save him from the slaughterhouse. She spends her nights weaving other messages. “Terrific” one day. “Radiant” another. All of which brings the farmer and eventually everyone in the county to view Wilbur as some sort of miracle pig. And you don’t eat a miracle.
Interestingly, no one ever stops to think that actually this is “Some Spider” living in this barn.
I don’t own a pig or a barn. But I do own a house. And this summer more than any past, I have been blessed with “Some Spiders” all over my property. Just this morning, I put my face right through a web as I bent over to retrieve the Citizens Voice from my front porch. Normally, this would have freaked me out, but I’ve walked through so many spider webs lately, I took it right in stride.
Not that I’ve gotten over the general creepiness of the experience. That’s impossible. But with Charlotte in mind, I do admire the handiwork.

Ed Ackerman