Reason to cheer

Since rupturing my Achilles tendon playing tennis about two weeks ago, I’ve spent a lot of time on my front porch with my leg elevated. I’m not complaining. It gave me a chance to really appreciate the hundreds of flowers I planted in May and to say hello to neighbors walking their dogs.
From my front porch, I have a clear view of two intersections and four stop signs. I cannot help but think the city could make its monthly budget in an afternoon by parking a cruiser here and writing tickets. I’d say 25 percent of the drivers obey these stop signs, and only 50 percent who do come to a complete stop. Many drivers blow right through without a second thought.
Which gave me an idea.
I’d love to gather a few of my friends to sit in my front yard on lawn chairs enjoying an iced tea or perhaps an adult beverage and send messages to all those drivers. I’d have a big sign that reads “You Stopped!” We’d hold it up for any car that stops and give the driver a standing ovation. Maybe even add an air horn like at football games.
I’m not sure what sign we’d have for all those who don’t stop. I have to give that some thought because chances are drivers with no regard for traffic laws most likely have no qualms about telling a few senior citizens to go to hell.
Or worse.
Maybe we’ll only chastise the stop sign runners when that cruiser is close by.

Ed Ackerman