‘You Day’ part of this New Day?

Everyone wonders what this “new normal” we’ve been hearing about will look like.
My biggest concern is that it will wind up be not much different from the “old normal.”
Which would mean we haven’t learned anything.
If the coronavirus and all that went with it taught us anything it should be that we Americans need to slow down. For the past ten years or more, surveys have shown that college grads expect to work 60 to 70 hours a week in the first jobs. That’s just wrong.
I’m hoping the shutdown made us realize that. Made us realize that we don’t have to be stressed out to earn a living.
The place where my daughter works in Austin, Texas, already gets it.
We were texting a “Happy Friday” first thing this morning and she told me she had the day off. Her company (I am leaving the name out on purpose) has started offering employees one day off once a month.
With pay.
And it’s addition to their normal time off.
They call it a “You Day.” A day for you to do whatever you want without having to burn a vacation day or guiltily call in sick.
Now, that’s what I call a new normal.
Here’s hoping other businesses follow suit.

Ed Ackerman