Hooray for fall

The last time I saw my grandson, who lives in Austin, Texas, was last November.
It was a month before his 3rd birthday. I’m sure he’ll be well past 4 when I see him again. I know planes are flying again, but I’m not ready to hop on a crowded flight and risk bringing the coronavirus to my daughter and her family.
If it weren’t for modern technology I don’t know how I’d handle this. But thanks to Facetime and texted photos and videos, I get to keep up with Parker’s life on a daily basis.
I am well aware, for example, that Parker cannot wait for Halloween. My daughter has told me without question last Halloween was Parker’s most favorite day of his entire life. And it has nothing to do with little bags of candy. He just loved seeing everyone all dressed up in costumes.
For some reason we cannot explain, Parker tends to lean toward the dark side of things. He loves ghosts and goblins. He watched the Muppets Christmas Carol last year and his favorite part was the singing of the ghosts Marley & Marley. His favorite Star Wars character is Darth Vader.
When they signed him up for youth soccer last year and the coach asked him his name, he actually said, “Darth Vader.”
Anyway, Greta (that’s my daughter) told me Tuesday morning that every day for two weeks, Parker has come bounding downstairs right after he wakes up asking, “Is it fall yet?” He knows when fall arrives Halloween can’t be far away.
Well, Tuesday was Sept. 22, and you know what that meant.
Parker got up, pulled on the Darth Vader sweatpants I sent him and hurried downstairs with his daily question. Only this time, his Mama got to say, “Yes, Parker! It’s fall!”
He was delighted.
Unfortunately, it was not a sweatpants day in Texas.
Fall in Austin is not fall in Pennsylvania. Daytime highs there are still in the 90s.

Ed Ackerman