Blousy back?

I still get excited when Esquire magazine appears in my mailbox each month, but I often wonder why.
I am so far removed from pop culture, I rarely relate to the Esquire articles these days. But I still relate to the excellent writing. Besides, Esquire is one of the ways I connect to my son.
Michael is a 34-year-old freelance creative director in the field of advertising. He lives in L.A. Unlike his dad, he relates to everything in Esquire. I use him to translate.
I’ve been providing his subscription as a gift for as long as I can remember. I know he appreciates it. And despite my being generally out of it, we always manage to find something in each issue to talk about.
We haven’t discussed the latest Esquire yet, but when we do, I want to call his attention to something that struck me about the ads for men’s fashions. Looking at those over-sized sweaters – the way we wore them about 25 years ago – made it clear to me that the run of skin-tight clothes may be at its end.
Yes, blousy may be back.
Praise the Lord.
That’s the best thing my love handles have heard in a long time.

Ed Ackerman