Par for the course a thing of the past

I don’t golf. Never touched a club. But I love watching golf on TV.
Especially The Masters.
I get excited when I see the first promos for The Masters. Sometimes they come as early as during the Super Bowl. The Masters typically is a couple of months away at that time, but to me, hearing about it is a harbinger of spring.
And when The Masters finally rolls around in early April, I know we’ve made it through another winter, and soon, all will be right with the world.
But not this year.
Among the many things the Covid pandemic has robbed us of is the promise of spring that comes with The Masters.
The tournament had to be cancelled last April. It will be played Nov. 12 thru Nov. 17.
I saw a commercial about it earlier this week. It just wasn’t the same.
But these days, what is?

Ed Ackerman