Clicking away

I never used to hold the remote while watching TV. A lot of people I know use the remote to avoid commercials, but not me. Maybe it’s because my two kids work in advertising, or maybe because I don’t want or need that much control in my life, but I don’t mind commercials. Some I even like. The new “Jake from State Farm” guy, for example. Or that girl in the Geico commercial whining, “Why can’t we just get in the running car?” and the guy answering, “Are you crazy?” I can’t get enough of that one.
For the past couple of weeks, though, and for one more to come, the minute I settle into the recliner, I reach for the remote. No matter what program I am watching – typically the news or Sportscenter – the remote is either on my lap or in my hand. It’s become a magic wand I use to make my life more peaceful. With the remote as my trusted sidekick, I haven’t seen a political commercial since mid-October.
It has nothing to do with which candidates I like and which I don’t. I hate all of their commercials. Well, not my friend Mike Carroll’s. His are strictly positive. And, as I said, he’s my friend.
But all the others? They were just bringing me down, man. Even if the country is as bad as it’s portrayed, or as horrendous as it will be if this guy or that gets elected, I’m sick of hearing it.
I admit part of my protest is based on jealousy. As a newspaper guy, I begrudge those hundreds of millions of advertising dollars going to TV. There was a time when politicians conducted their campaigns in print, but as older folks around here tend to say, “not no more.”
One thing for sure, with political commercials out of my life, I’ve slept soundly and stopped eating Rolaids for dessert. Life’s been good.
Come the middle of next week, things go back to normal. I won’t give a darn where the remote is, the only thing in my hand will be a beer, and I’ll enjoy an NFL game in peace. Me and Jake from State Farm.

Ed Ackerman