Okay, already, I’m old

As if the calendar isn’t enough of a reminder – I turned 71 on Monday – every time I turn around, it seems, the world can’t resist piling on.
The latest was an article I found in the newsfeed on my phone this morning.
Sick of election stories, I scrolled around looking for what I hoped would be an interesting, not to mention welcomed distraction. I thought I ‘d found one under the headline ‘Why Is Saturday Night Live Booking So Many Older Rock Bands?”
Not only was I anxious to read about these older rock bands reemerging on SNL, but I also wondered if I’d even start staying up late on Saturday nights.
Then I read the article.
Who were these “older rock bands”?
Well, certainly not the likes of The Rolling Stones as I had anticipated.
These older bands are, according to the article, Jack White, The Strokes, and the Foo Fighters.
Pardon me?
Jack White, it explained, was the frontman of the White Stripes.
Oh, that Jack White.
These are “older rock bands”? I thought.
Yes, they are, the article revealed. They go all the way back to 2002.

Ed Ackerman