The tables have turned

I grew up believing the Democratic party was the party of guys like my dad: blue collar, lower middle class (or even lower than that), hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, beer drinking, baseball loving, football loving, family loving, country loving Americans.
Republicans were guys not like my dad.
But the tables appear to have turned.
It didn’t happen overnight. But somehow, Democrats seem to have become people guys like my dad could not relate to.
That’s not me saying this. It’s an elected official I bumped into a few years ago after Donald Trump surprised America, but even more significantly, surprised Luzerne County. Actually, the elected official was quoting a fellow he had run into.
The elected official, a lifelong Democrat, said he encountered an old friend and was surprised to see him wearing a red MAGA (Make America Great Again) cap. This guy also was a lifelong Democrat and came from a long line of Democrats. He was a blue-collar worker and a union member. In essence, a poster boy for the Democratic Party.
“What’s this about?” the office holder asked, pointing to the cap.
“I didn’t leave the Democrats,” the man said. “The Democrats left me.”
When pressed for an explanation, the fellow said, “Well, I only have a high school education. I didn’t go to college. The Democrats make me feel inferior for that. Like they are so much smarter than me. I go to church. The Democrats make me feel stupid for that. Only a dumb guy like me still believes in God. I like to hunt. The Democrats make me feel like a bad guy for that. Like I’m some sort of criminal.”
With President Trump once again carrying traditionally Democratic Luzerne County, Dems would do well to listen to this guy and others like him.
My dad passed away 25 years ago. He never voted Republican in his life, but I cannot help but wonder where he’d stand today. That guy in the MAGA hat sounds a lot like him.

Ed Ackerman