A tradition interrupted

My sister and her husband won’t be going to the movies Christmas night. Another tradition shelved by Covid-19.
Sheila is a few years older than I, and her husband Paul a few years older than she, so their dating world, in the mid-60s, was much different from mine. Theirs always included a Christmas night date to the movies. From the time they started “going steady,” they would get dressed up – Paul in a jacket and tie – and go to a movie on Christmas night. So did most of their friends.
I don’t know how many of their peers continued the tradition through the years, but I know Sheila and Paul did.
My answer to the question, “What’s the secret to a happy marriage?” is this: Don’t stop dating.
Going on dates is part of falling in love. We create all these marvelous memories by going out for dinner, taking a ride in the country with a picnic lunch along, strolling on the beach at sunset, and, yes, going to the movies. And then we marry and stop doing all of those things.
“Don’t stop dating!” I tell young couples emphatically. Keep being boyfriend and girlfriend, even, and especially after you become husband and wife, and then mom and dad.
It’s certainly worked for my sister and her beau. Married more than 50 years, they are still hopelessly in love. You should see the way they look at each other.
It’s disgusting.
And beautiful.

Ed Ackerman