It’s all relative

It just dawned on me that the way to get through another winter (the older I get, the harder that is) is to allow myself to think about something on Jan. 15 that I refuse to let myself think about on June 15: how fast time flies.
On June 15, I want time to stand still. Don’t tell me July is two weeks away and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Don’t tell me once August hits, September will show up and the leaves will be falling. I want no part of that line of thinking. That’s because I know it’s true.
But guess what? It’s also true in winter.
Every Fourth of July, my first wife’s grandfather used to proclaim, “Well, summer’s shot in the ass.” It made me want to scream. But maybe we should start applying that expression to Groundhog Day, too, just 18 days from now at the time of this writing.
Think about this. February, with its 28 days, turns into March even faster than July turns into August. And if August doesn’t put up enough of a fight against the arrival of autumn to suit us, can’t we say the same about March and spring?
The point is, spring will overtake winter just as fast as autumn overtakes summer. Actually, a few days faster.
Even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Ed Ackerman