Sure I’m sure

I’m sitting here thinking about a lie I tell all the time and wondering why it has taken this long for it to finally dawn on me.
I’m talking about a response I frequently use when asked a question. “I’m not sure,” I often say.
Now, in my defense, sometimes I may think I know the answer but I truly am not sure. But most of the time, I simply don’t know the answer. But instead of saying, “I don’t know,” I say, “I’m not sure.”
If there are two things I value as a lifelong journalist, they are words and the truth. And with that automatic “I’m not sure” I abuse both.
So, right here and now, I am making myself a promise to say what I mean. And if what I mean is “I don’t know,” to say just that.
Will I be able to keep this promise?
Want an honest answer?
I’m not sure.

Ed Ackerman