At Geisinger they get right to the point

My brother lives in Florida. He drove two hours and waited in line another two to get his Covid-19 vaccine.
And he had an appointment!
From what I’ve seen on TV, his situation is not unusual. Long lines of cars at Dodger Stadium in LA. People waiting in line for five, six hours or more all over the country.
Then there’s Geisinger at Center Pointe in Pittston Township.
First of all the new building is spectacular. It’s hard to take your eyes of it when driving past on Route 315 or Interstate 81. The way they are handling the vaccines is even more impressive.
I got an appointment over the phone with a pleasant young woman who could not be more accommodating. It was for 3:40 p.m. last Monday. I arrived exactly at 3:33 and they were just calling for the 3:40 appointments. I was told all I needed was valid ID and that was correct.
I did not count, but I’d guess there were 10 or 12 of us booked at that time. Groups were spaced 10 minutes apart. Once inside, we waited only minutes before they took us into the room were the vaccines were being administered. Just a question or two at registration and in no time, I was seated with a pharmacist with the bedside manner of Dr. Kildare, although he was far too young to know who that is.
I did not feel the needle at all and afterwards I was asked to pick out a date for my second dose. He gave me a card as a reminder.
We were encouraged to wait for 15 minutes after the shot in case there was a reaction and that was that.
I’ve had far more trouble trying to pick up a take-out pizza during the pandemic.

Ed Ackerman