Like I need another reminder

All I could think of during the Super Bowl was is there anything these days that does not make me feel old?
A couple of hours before the game, my son provided me with a primer on the halftime performer. He suspected I had never heard of the The Weeknd (and by the way, the auto-correct on my devices keeps not surprisingly changing it to Weekend) and he was right.
He sent me links to three videos, The Weeknd’s greatest hits I suppose, and I dutifully watched them.
Still, the halftime show did nothing for me.
Not that it would have done any good, but I should have asked him about H.E.R. She performed “America the Beautiful” before the game and I’ll admit it was good. I was impressed with her guitar chops.
I just Googled her name to be sure I had it right and, believe it or not, after H.E.R. it had in parentheses (pronounced “her.”) As opposed to what? I wonder.
I did learn it’s an acronym for Having Everything Revealed. There’s a joke in there about the outfit she wore, but I’ll let someone else make it.
Speaking of outfits, Miley Cyrus (a performer I have heard of, but don’t ask me to name any of her songs) got rave reviews for her pre-game performance. One writer referred to her outfit (basically a bra and mini skirt) as “cheerleader gear.” When I was in high school that meant a big, bulky sweater and a skirt down to the knees.
All I kept thinking was Aretha Franklin, maybe the best voice ever, could not have made it today. She had no interest in having everything revealed. All she did was sing.

Ed Ackerman