‘Right’ Aid

I admit I’m a word guy. Maybe even a word nerd. But I’d be mortified if anyone found me pedantic. I have no interest in critiquing anyone’s English, and I take no pleasure in finding a typo. Working in the newspaper field will knock that out of you in a hurry. The word “typo” exists because of us.
I do, however, rejoice in seeing a word used properly, which I do every time I am in line at the pharmacy counter at the Rite Aid in Pittston. A little sign reads: Please wait here to ensure the privacy of our patients.
It’s a little thing, I know, but I admire them using the correct “ensure.”
Most people don’t realize there are two forms of that word. “Ensure,” as it is used in this Rite Aid sign, means to be certain something happens. “Insure,” which most people use exclusively, and therefore sometimes improperly, should be used only when referring to the protection an insurance policy offers.
Rite Aid got it right. Or “rite,” if you prefer.

Ed Ackerman