Meatless Fridays

I’m not quite sure what the Lenten “rules” for a Catholic are anymore, but I do observe the tradition of no meat on Fridays.
And that always makes me think of my dear mother, who passed away more than 17 years ago.
I surely have eaten an egg salad sandwich or two since she’s been gone, but not many, and certainly none that tasted like hers.
When I worked at the local newspaper throughout my 30s and 40s, Mom expected me to drop by for lunch every Friday during Lent, and I expected her to expect me. The menu was always the same: an egg salad sandwich.
I doubt she did anything special with it — that wasn’t mom’s style — so it had to be the smile on her face when she served it that made that sandwich so memorable.
I always say no one loves your like your mom. There’s plenty of evidence to back that up. Even something as simple as egg salad on a Friday in Lent.

Ed Ackerman