Friends indeed

(Note: We went away for the Memorial Day Weekend and in the process of getting ready to depart, I failed to post a blog on Friday. Here it is, a few days late.)

The much talked about reunion of the cast of the TV show “Friends” means much more to my daughter than it does to me. While Greta was a big fan, I saw precious few of the episodes.
I know enough about the show, however, to greatly appreciate the favor two of the actors have done for me.
I saw a clip of the former cast members as they look today, and in a schadenfreude way, was delighted to see has gracefully Matthew Perry (Chandler) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) did NOT age.
They have bellies and jowls to match my own, God bless them.
Even my daughter noticed. She texted: I am astonished to report that of everyone, I think Ross (David Schwimmer) really seems to have aged the best. And also Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow).
I must agree.
I also must send Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc thank you notes.

Ed Ackerman