Frankie G

Few of us could pronounce Frankie Galoardi’s name, so he made it easy. He told us to call him simply Frankie G. And as “Frankie G,” he became a local music legend.
Whether performing with his wife Judy as “Frankie and Judy,” with Danny Argo doing all the old Italian standards, or with Deb Schweitzer – she with the Karen Carpenter voice – Frankie brought a joyful exuberance along with a ton of musical talent to every venue.
Frankie’s bright smile was as much his trademark as his keyboard and vocal skills.
He was happiest when he was playing and singing, and we, the audience, could not help but share in that happiness.
Frankie passed away unexpectedly last Friday, June 4. In death, he joins his beloved Judy, whom he lost some years ago.
The Righteous Brothers sang, “If you believe in forever, then life is just a one-night stand. If there’s a rock and roll heaven, well, you know they’ve got a hell of a band.”
That band is now even better.

Ed Ackerman