I need a map

I often say there are a lot of “land mines” out there these days. And tennis champion turned broadcaster Boris Becker just stepped on one.
Becker, who won six major tennis titles and now does commentary for BBC, committed the sin of calling the fiancé of one of the players “very pretty.” Which makes him a dirty old man who objectifies women. And should be fired.
I get it. Even though I don’t get it. I was raised to pay compliments when warranted. And, yes, even to notice when someone was “pretty.” Now, as I write something like that, I wonder if I am being offensive. Check that, I KNOW I am being offensive. Certainly to someone.
Still, as a longtime tennis fan, I clearly remember the comments about Becker when he burst onto the scene as a 17-year-old star in the mid-80s. Everyone referred to him as that handsome, red-headed German.
There were fewer land mines back then.

Ed Ackerman