A sweet time of year

Sweet corn season is upon us.
Yes, we are noted for the famous “Pittston Tomato” grown in our backyard gardens, but the sweet corn in these parts also has a flavor all its own.
Several years ago I asked a vendor at the Farmers Market in downtown Pittston if his corn was fresh. He grabbed an ear, peeled back the husk and said, “Here, take a bite?”
“Raw?” I asked.
“Of course,” he said. “That’s how we check it in the field.”
So I took a bite. It was so sweet and delicious that I ate the entire ear. Yes, raw.
Most of us like our sweet corn piping hot, slathered with butter and well salted. And so do I.
But ever since that day, I frequently eat an ear raw as well.
If it’s good enough for a farmer, it’s good enough for me.

Ed Ackerman