Small talk

The first time I passed by the Pittston Area tennis courts during my morning walk the other day I saw a couple of guys I know with their little daughters.
The second time, the guys were talking, their little girls at their sides, so I strolled out to say hi. When I did, I could not help but notice how interesting the conversation was. Not between the dads, but between the girls.
The little girls promptly introduced themselves to each other and began to talk.
How old are you?
How old are you?
Four. But I’ll be five in September.
Oh, you’re going to love being five. Kindergarten is so much fun.

I resumed my walk and the next time I passed the courts, the two little girls were sitting on one of them, facing each other and gabbing away.
Watching them, I thought of all the times I’ve driven by school bus stops and seen all the kids either staring at their cell phones or staring at their feet. I’ve never seen these teens talking to each other.
What happens, I wonder, between ages 5 and 15 that causes kids to forget how to be social?
Oh, I know. Social media.
If it weren’t so sad, the irony would be hilarious.

Ed Ackerman