No glove story

I recently stumbled upon an article online titled “Errors, Strikeouts and Wasted Opportunities.”
It was about the Philadelphia Phillies and written by Erin Becker, who is billed as “a rare Phillies fan from Ohio.” A graduate of Ohio State University, she says she’s been a Phillies fan since she was 5.
I, myself, am a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but I always say summer is more fun around these parts when the Phillies and Yankees are winning. The Phils have not been setting the world on fire this year (their record is 47-48 at the time of this writing) but because they play in the National League East (or Least) they are in second place.
They are making fewer fielding errors, too. Not that they are anything like a great fielding team – there are 18 teams ahead of them in errors-per-game – but they are nothing like those Phils teams of old. I’m thinking of the days when Michael Jackson was a star and the joke going around was: What do the Phillies and Michael Jackson have in common? They both wear a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.
That still cracks me up.
To be fair, I must point out a couple of years ago (2018), my Cardinals led the league in errors. No one could figure out why they wore gloves either.

Ed Ackerman