Worth noticing

Classes started last week at the college and I wound up being stopped for road paving several times each day on my drive to campus. On day two, I started to wave to the flagmen, or women as the case might be. When they’d flip the sign from Stop to Slow, I give them a little wave and move on. Most waved back.
My thinking was to recognize that they are human beings. Human beings doing a grueling job in all sorts of weather. Temps climbed near 90 most days I saw them.
While stopped one day and contemplating waving to the flagman, I thought of an old song: “Clap for the Wolfman” by The Guess Who. A tribute to the famous deejay Wolfman Jack, it went like this:
Clap for the Wolfman,
He’s gonna rate your record high.
Clap for the Wolfman,
You’re gonna dig him til the day you die.

And I started re-writing the lyrics in my head.
I came up with this:
Wave to the flagman,
There’s a person behind those shades.
Wave to the flagman,
He’s been standing there the whole, hot day.

That’s as far as I got.
But I’ve been singing it to myself since.

Ed Ackerman